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Horse communication
The horse in the photo came to my barn very un-trusting and not wanting  to be touched due to emotional stress he had encountered in the past..  If anyone walked towards his stall he would turn his rear end towards the person or walk to the back of the stall. It took 2 days for him to accept my energy. During a session I noticed a knot on his neck underneath the mane. The knot was hard and warm. The owner was unaware of the knot and very concerned.  I continued my sessions in 3 days the knot was totally gone. The horse's temperament became calm and peaceful. Once he accepted the energy given his emotional blocks began to dissolve and his beautiful loving heart came forward. He hung his head over his stall gate wanting to be touched by everyone that entered the barn. I'll never forget this horse and the amazing changes he made. He touched my heart!!!
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 Communication and energy work took pain completely out of this horse's left hind hip and leg. Owner woke up one morning and found his horse limping and holding up leg. Uncertain of the cause. He called me for assistance. After a 10 minute  treatment  horse turned his head around looked at me as to say Thank you!  At that time I told the owner to walk the horse off. Believe it or not the horse was totally out of pain and walking normal. Amazing!!!.  

Horses have emotions.  Some may be related to trauma, abuse, neglect or an accident. Communication and treatments can help release and heal those emotions. Energy fields can become blocked giving the horse a feeling of being unbalanced which can lead to behavioral issues, pain and over time illness or disease.  Entergentic imbalances effects the horse physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually leaving the horse feeling vulnerable and unsafe.
My clients and I have seen great changes in horses temperaments and well being after treatments. Some have been amazed at the differences in their horse after treatments and can't believe the healing effects. Horses respond well to the treatments given and are thankful.  I have had horses turn and look at me during and after treatments as to say thank you.  I find this work to be very rewarding.
Horses need to be in a comfortable place and have room to move around undisturbed.  They need to be able to relax. Horses are intuitive animals and will immediately sense the energy to be offered. Every horse is different and unique.  You can bring your horse to my barn or I can come to yours.
      The Benefits 
  • Promotes relaxation and peace
  • Reduces Anxiety and stress
  • Encourages a feeling of safety and security
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Strengthens the body
  • Entergize the body
  • Helps release old fears and phobias
  • Deepens bonds with humans
  • Helps the horse to focus
  • Health Issues
  • Pain management
  • Herd separation
  • Weaning
  • Training and Performance
  • Reconnecting with their natural state of being
1 year old filly getting a treatment.  She can't get much more relaxed than this.

Communicating with your horse can be a great experience and bring a better focus on trusting and bonding.

Horse Treatments
1 horse my barn $55.00
Travel to your barn, add mileage

                                 Peacefulness of the moment


This horse was very nervous and confused, didn't trust people. Running in the arena and didn't want to be caught.

Horse is relaxed, calm and trusting after treatment

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